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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary
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education /siks dub*l oh wun/, /dub*l oh wun/ or rarely
/siks dub*l oh fun/ MIT's introductory computer class for
majors, known for its intensity. Developed by GeraldSussman and Hal Abelson, the course is taught in Scheme
object-oriented programming and much more. Students who
grasp the metacircular interpreter gain entry into the
Knights of the Lambda-Calculus. 6.001 has been exported to
several other colleges, sometimes successfully. The textbook,
"Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs", written
with Julie Sussman is a classic that can be found on the
shelves of many computer scientists, whether they took the
course or not. Legendary characters from the class, problem
sets, and book include the wise Alyssa P. Hacker, Ben
Bitdiddle, Lem E. Tweakit and Eva Lu Ator, the careless Louis
Reasoner and Captain Abstraction.