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How can I use VDict on websites with logo VDict enabled?

Dictionaries can be looked up using 2 methods:

  • Hold Ctrl and Right click on the word you want to lookup (familiar shortcut of Just Click 'n' See, LacViet dictionary...). However this method allows you to lookup single word only. If you want to look for combined words with spaces or other characters in between please use method 2
  • You can use your mouse to select the word and press Ctrl-Shift-A
  • Double-click on any word

How wildcards are used

Wildcard _ is used to replace an arbitrary character, wildcard ^ is used to replace any number of characters. When using wildcards, VDict will list the first 20 words that match your pattern, you can click on the words for result.
For example: h_t in English-Vietnamese dictionary will return hat, het, hit, hot, hut. Or ^ello will return bordello, cello, hello, niello, prunello, punchinello and violoncello

How can I type Vietnamese characters?

VDict is using script Viettyping (or VietUni in the old Interface), which lets you type Vietnamese without additional software, as long as your browser supports Javascript and Unicode (IE 5.0, Netscape 6 or Mozilla). You can enter Vietnamese characters and diacritics in Telex or VNI style:

Characters and diacritics Telex VNI
â aa a6
ê ee e6
ô oo o6
ă aw a8
ơ ow o7
ư uw u7
đ dd d9
sắc s 1
huyền f 2
nặng j 5
hỏi r 3
ngã x 4
xoá dấu z 0