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Vdict search plugins for Mozilla Firefox

If you are using Firefox, Netscape 6 or any other Mozilla browser, these plugins will let you lookup for any word in Vdict dictionary from your browser search box.

Please click on plugin names to automatically install:

Plugin name Description
vdictev English - Vietnamese dictionary
vdictve Vietnamese - English dictionary
vdictvf Vietnamese - French dictionary
vdictfv French - Vietnamese dictionary
vdictvv Vietnamese - Vietnamese dictionary
vdictee English - English dictionary
vdictfoldoc Computing dictionary
vdictall All Vdict dictionaries. This does not mean it includes all above plugins, but it will search in all dictionaries when you lookup for a word.

Manual installation

If you cannot use automatic installation (javascript disabled), you can download all plugins and install them manually

Download: .zip format - tar.gz format

Installation: Uncompress the file, and copy its contents to searchplugins directory and restart Mozilla. Typical searchplugins directory locations are:

  • On Linux:
  • Windows:
    C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins\
  • On Mac:
  • On MacOS X:
    /Applications/ Plugin
    ~/Library/Internet Search Sites/My Channel