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About VDict


Dictionary is language learners' best friend. But the paper dictionary (and recently the small, lightweight but expensive electronic dictionary), though used to be very useful, now have many drawbacks:

  • Heavy, not portable (paper dictionaries) or expensive (electronic dictionaries)
  • Slow, manual searching
  • Old plain search options, no in-definition search or fuzzy search
  • Not regularly updated
  • No sample pronunciation (paper dictionary)

VDict was created to over come all these drawbacks. It is online, free, regularly updated by users and has many advanced utilities to help you access and search for word definitions faster. In a connected world, where almost every desk you sit has a Internet-connected computer, every device you hold in your hand, be it a Nokia, an iPhone, a PDA... can be used to access the web, VDict is your friend.


VDict was first online on the 14th of February, 2004.


The initial database of VDict was from free, open sources such as: FOLDOC, Princeton University's Wordnet, JDictD's database... Through time, VDict users and editors have made countless contribution to its database (adding new words, correcting mistakes, improve existing entries...), make it far better than its origins and one of the most reliable dictionary on the Internet.

VDict dictionary can be looked up on website, on websites using VOYS functions, or on any website from your own browser using VDict plug-ins for IE and Firefox.


Ly Dinh Thuan (Thomas Lee) B.Sc, M.A: Thuan is the General Manager and is responsible for all operations at VDict since 2008. With over 5 years of experience with Information Systems and 5 years of experience in online education and tutoring, he knows the best what VDict users really need and how to create them. Thuan can be reached at [email protected]

Tran Thanh Nga, B.A in Linguistics: Nga is talented linguist who speaks fluently Vietnamese, English and French. She is responsible for database development of English, French and Vietnamese dictionaries. All entries on must be approved by Nga before going live.

Nguyen Cong Chinh, B.E: Chinh is the founder of and is the one who build it from ground up to the 6th largest dictionary website in the world. Although Chinh is no longer with VDict, he is still consulted for many issues at VDict and contributes his ideas for VDict's development.

And all other VDict engineers and editors, VDict contributors and users, without them, VDict can never be at where it is today.