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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary
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language An extensive revision of ALGOL 60 by Adriaan van
Wijngaarden et al. ALGOL 68 was discussed from 1963 by
Working Group 2.1 of IFIP. Its definition was accepted in
December 1968.
ALGOL 68 was complex, and posed difficulties for both
implementors and users. It featured structural equivalence;
automatic type conversion ("coercion") including
dereferencing; flexible arrays; generalised loops
(for-from-by-to-while-do-od), if-then-elif-fi, an integer case
statement with an 'out' clause; skip and goto statements;
blocks; procedures; user-defined operators; procedureparameters; concurrent execution (cobegin/coend);
semaphores; generators "heap" and "loc" for dynamicallocation. It had no abstract data types or separatecompilation.