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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary
CPU Wars
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/C-P-U worz/ A 1979 large-format comic by Chas Andres
chronicling the attempts of the brainwashed androids of IPM
(Impossible to Program Machines) to conquer and destroy the
peaceful denizens of HEC (Human Engineered Computers). This
rather transparent allegory featured many references to
ADVENT and the immortal line "Eat flaming death,
minicomputer mongrels!" (uttered, of course, by an IPM
stormtrooper). It is alleged that the author subsequently
received a letter of appreciation on IBM company stationery
from the head of IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Laboratories
(then, as now, one of the few islands of true hackerdom in the
IBM archipelago). The lower loop of the B in the IBM logo, it
is said, had been carefully whited out. See eat flamingdeath.