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Link Access Protocol for ModemsLAPMLink Control ProtocolLink Access Protocol BalancedInternet Access ProviderLink Access Procedure on the D channelV.FCV.34Link State Routing ProtocolColumbia AppleTalk PackageVirtual Private NetworkLAPBRouting Information ProtocolApplication Configuration Access Protocolstatic linkInternet Inter-ORB ProtocolTERMInternet Message Access ProtocolLogical Link Control and Adaptation ProtocolCore Protocol StackV.21Frame RelayNetWare Link State Protocolserial portLogical Link ControlAdvanced Data Communications Control ProtocolOpen Shortest-Path First Interior Gateway ProtocolPrinter Access ProtocolPAPtunnellingdata link layerSimple Network Paging ProtocolNetWare Core ProtocolInternet Protocolassigned numbersInverse Address Resolution Protocolsymbolic linkPoint-to-Point Tunneling ProtocolOpen Data-link InterfacePoint-to-Point ProtocolNetwork File Systemhard linkSOAPSerial Line Internet ProtocolLightweight Directory Access Protocolpacket driverMedia Access ControlHigh-level Data Link ControlTransmission Control ProtocolSAPV.90virtual connectionUpper Layer ProtocolRFC 1568HyperText Transmission Protocol, SecureSecure Sockets LayerBinary Synchronous TransmissionCall-Level InterfaceAppleTalk Filing ProtocolDirectory Access Protocolfall backTelocator Alphanumeric ProtocolDistributed Data ManagementmodemProsperofall forwardSimple Object Access ProtocolSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolX.25Wireless Application ProtocolgatedTCP/IPshared memoryshambolic linklinkL2CAPCommon Internet File SystemExterior Gateway ProtocolNLSPGo Back N