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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary
fully qualified domain name
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networking (FQDN) The full name of a system, consisting of
its local hostname and its domain name, including a
top-level domain (tld). For example, "venera" is a hostname
and "" is an FQDN. An FQDN should be sufficient
to determine a unique Internet address for any host on the
Internet. This process, called "name resolution", uses the
With the explosion of interest in the Internet following the
advent of the World-Wide Web, domain names (especially the
most significant two components, e.g. "", and
especially in the ".com" tld) have become a valuable part of
many companies' "brand". The allocation of these, overseen by
ICANN, has therefore become highly political and is
performed by a number of different registrars. There are
different registries for the different tlds.