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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary
network management
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networking The process of controlling a network so as to
maximise its efficiency and productivity. ISO's model
Fault management is the process of identifying and locating
faults in the network. This could include discovering the
existence of the problem, identifying the source, and possibly
repairing (or at least isolating the rest of the network from)
the problem.
Configuration management is the process of identifying,
tracking and modifying the setup of devices on the network.
This category is extremely important for devices that come
with numerous custom settings (e.g. routers and fileservers).
Security management is the process of controlling (granting,
limiting, restricting or denying) access to the network and
resources thereon. This could include setting up and managing
access lists in routers (creating "firewalls" to keep
intruders out), creating and maintaining password access to
critical network resources, identifying the points of entry
used by intruders and closing them.