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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary
Abstract Syntax Notation 1
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language, standard, protocol (ASN.1, X.208, X.680) An
ISO/ITU-T standard for transmitting structured data on
networks, originally defined in 1984 as part of CCITTX.409 '84. ASN.1 moved to its own standard, X.208, in 1998
due to wide applicability. The substantially revised 1995
version is covered by the X.680 series.
ASN.1 defines the abstract syntax of information but does
not restrict the way the information is encoded. Various
ASN.1 encoding rules provide the transfer syntax (a
concrete representation) of the data values whose abstractsyntax is described in ASN.1. The standard ASN.1 encoding
rules include BER (Basic Encoding Rules - X.209), CER
(Canonical Encoding Rules), DER (Distinguished Encoding
Rules), and PER (Packed Encoding Rules).
ASN.1 together with specific ASN.1 encoding rules facilitates
the exchange of structured data especially between
application programs over networks by describing data
structures in a way that is independent of machine
architecture and implementation language.
electronic mail, X.500 directory services and SNMP use
ASN.1 to describe the PDUs they exchange.
Documents describing the ASN.1 notations: ITU-T Rec. X.680,
ISO 8824-1; ITU-T Rec. X.681, ISO 8824-2; ITU-T
Rec. X.682, ISO 8824-3; ITU-T Rec. X.683, ISO 8824-4