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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary
Bezier curve
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graphics A type of curve defined by mathematical formulae,
used in computer graphics. A curve with coordinates P(u),
where u varies from 0 at one end of the curve to 1 at the
other, is defined by a set of n+1 "control points" (X(i),
Y(i), Z(i)) for i = 0 to n.
P(u) = Sum i=0..n [(X(i), Y(i), Z(i)) * B(i, n, u)]
B(i, n, u) = C(n, i) * u^i * (1-u)^(n-i)
C(n, i) = n!/i!/(n-i)!
A Bezier curve (or surface) is defined by its control points,
which makes it invariant under any affine mapping
(translation, rotation, parallel projection), and thus even
under a change in the axis system. You need only to transform
the control points and then compute the new curve. The
control polygon defined by the points is itself affine
Bezier curves also have the variation-diminishing property.
This makes them easier to split compared to other types of
curve such as Hermite or B-spline.