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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary
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1. Computer Definition [Design?] Language. A hardware
description language. "Computer Organisation and
Microprogramming", Yaohan Chu, P-H 1970.
2. Command Definition Language. Portion of ICES used to
implement commands. Sammet 1969, p.618-620.
3. Compiler Description Language. C.H.A. Koster, 1969.
Intended for implementation of the rules of an affix grammar
by recursive procedures. A procedure may be a set of
tree-structured alternatives, each alternative is executed
until one successfully exits. Used in a portable COBOL-74
compiler from MPB, mprolog system from SzKI, and the Mephisto
chess computer. "CDL: A Compiler Implementation Language", in
Methods of Algorithmic Language Implementation, C.H.A. Koster,
LNCS 47, Springer 1977, pp.341-351. "Using the CDL Compiler
Compiler", C.H.A. Koster, 1974. Versions: CDL2, CDLM used at
4. Common Design Language. "Common Design Language", IBM,
Software Engineering Inst, Sept 1983.