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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary
Demon Internet Ltd.
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company One of the first company to provide public
Internet access in the UK.
The staff of Demon Systems Ltd., an established software
house, started Demon Internet on 1992-06-01 and it was the
first system in the United Kingdom to offer low cost full
Internet access. It was started with the support of about
100 founder members who discussed the idea on CompulinkInformation Exchange, and were brave enough to pay a year's
subscription in advance. They aimed to have 200 members in
the first year to cover costs, ignoring any time spent. After
about two weeks they realised they needed nearer 400. By
November 1993 they had over 2000 subscribers and by August
1994 they had about 11000 with 20% per month growth. All
revenues have been reinvested in resources and expansion of
Demon link to Sprintlink in the United States making them
totally independent. They peer with EUNet and PIPEX to
ensure good connectivity in Great Britain as well as having
links to the JANET/JIPS UK academic network. A direct
London Point of Presence (PoP) ( gives
access to the biggest FTP and Archie site in Europe.
Demon provide local call access to a large proportion of the
UK. The central London PoP provides leased line
connections at a cheaper rate for those customers in the
central 0171 area. Further lines and PoPs are being added
Subscribers get allocated an Internet Address and can choose
a hostname within the domain. They can have
any number of e-mail address at that host.
In October 1994 Demon confirmed a large contract with the
major telecommunications provider Energis. They will supply
guaranteed bandwidth to Demon's 10Mb/s backbone from several
cities and towns. Several PoPs will be phased out and
replaced with others during 1995.