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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary (also found in English - Vietnamese, English - English (Wordnet), )
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Motorola's integrated personal wireless communicator. Envoy
is a personal digital assistant which incorporates two-way
wireless and wireline communication. It was announced on 7
March 1994 and released in the third quarter of 1994. It runs
Telescript(TM) communications language on Motorola's Dragon
chip set. This includes the highly integrated Motorola68349 processor and a special purpose application specificintegrated circuit (ASIC) referred to as Astro. This chip
set was designed specifically for Magic Cap and
A user can write on the Envoy communicator with the
accompanying stylus or a finger, to type and select or move
objects on its screen. An on-screen keyboard can be used to
input information, draw or write personal notations, or send
handwritten messages and faxes.
Envoy can send a wireless message to another Envoy, PC or
fax; broadcast a message to a group, with each member of that
group receiving the message in their preferred format; gather
information based on your requirements; schedule a meeting and
automatically invite attendees; screen, route and organise
messages; send a business card to another Envoy across a
conference room table; access real-time scheduling and pricing
information for US airline flights, then order tickets via fax
or electronic mail; keep track of contacts through an
address book; receive daily news summaries and stock
information; capture, organize and review business and
personal expenses on-the-go; gather, edit and analyze
information in spreadsheets and graphs compatible with Lotus1-2-3 and Excel; shop in an electronic mall.