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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary
High Performance Serial Bus
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bus, standard (Or "IEEE 1394", "FireWire", "I-Link") A
1995 Macintosh/IBM PC serial bus interface standard
offering high-speed communications and isochronous
real-time data services.
1394 can transfer data between a computer and its
peripherals at 100, 200, or 400 Mbps, with a planed
increase to 2 Gbps. Cable length is limited to 4.5 m but up
to 16 cables can be daisy-chained yielding a total length of
72 m.
It can daisy-chain together up to 63 peripherals in a
tree-like structure (as opposed to SCSI's linear structure).
It allows peer-to-peer device communication, such as
communication between a scanner and a printer, to take
place without using system memory or the CPU. It is
designed to support plug-and-play and hot swapping. Its
six-wire cable is not only more convenient than SCSI cables
but can supply up to 60 watts of power, allowing
low-consumption devices to operate without a separate power