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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary
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processor Essentially an Intel 486DX microprocessor with
a 16 kilobyte on-chip cache.
The DX4 is the fastest member of the Intel 486 family. 75
and 100MHz versions are available. At an iCOMP index rating
of 435, the 100 MHz DX4 performs up to 50% faster than the 66
MHz Intel DX2. The DX4's clock multiplier allows the
processor to run three times faster than the system clock.
This performance is achieved in part by a 16K on-chip cache
(double that of the other 486s). The DX4 has an integrated
Like the other 486s, the DX4 achieves performance through a
RISC integer core that executes frequently used instructions
in a single clock cycle (the Pentium's can execute
multiple instructions in a single clock cycle).
Low power consumption has been achieved with SL Technology
and a 0.6 micron manufacturing process, giving 1.6 million
transistors on a single chip operating at only 3.3 Volts.