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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary
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processor Intel's superscalar successor to the 486.
It has two 32-bit 486-type integer pipelines with dependency
checking. It can execute a maximum of two instructions per
cycle. It does pipelined floating-point and performs
branch prediction. It has 16 kilobytes of on-chip
cache, a 64-bit memory interface, 8 32-bit general-purpose
registers and 8 80-bit floating-point registers. It is
built from 3.1 million transistors on a 262.4 mm^2 die with
~2.3 million transistors in the core logic. Its clock rate
is 66MHz, heat dissipation is 16W, integer performance is 64.5
SPECint92, floating-point performance 56.9 SPECfp92.
It is called "Pentium" because it is the fifth in the 80x86
line. It would have been called the 80586 had a US court not
ruled that you can't trademark a number.