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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary
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L. Cardelli et al, DEC and Olivetti, 1988. A descendant of
Modula-2+ and Cedar, designed for safety and simplicity.
Objects, generics, threads, exceptions and garbage collection.
Modules are explicitly safe or unsafe. As in Mesa, any set of
variables can be monitored. No multiple inheritance, no
operator overloading. Uses structural equivalence. "Modula-3
Report", Luca Cardelli et al, TR 52, DEC SRC, and Olivetti
Research Center, Aug 1988 (revised Oct 1989). The changes are
described in "System Programming with Modula-3", Greg Nelson
ed, P-H 1991, ISBN 0-13-590464-1. "Modula-3", Sam Harbison,
P-H 1992. Version: SRC Modula-3 V1.5.