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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary (also found in English - Vietnamese, English - English (Wordnet), French - Vietnamese)
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processor A minicomputer(?), introduced some time before
1978, with four 16-bit accumulators, AC0 to AC3 and a 15 bit
program counter. A later model also had a 15-bit stackpointer and frame pointer. AC2 and AC3 could be used for
indexed addresses and AC3 was used to store the return address
on a subroutine call. Apart from the small register set,
the NOVA was an ordinary CPU design.
Memory could be access indirectly through addresses stored in
other memory locations. If locations 0 to 3 were used for
this purpose, they were auto-incremented after being used. If
locations 4 to 7 were used, they were auto-decremented.
Memory could be addressed in 16-bit words up to a maximum of
32K words (64K bytes). The instruction cycle time was 500
nanoseconds(?) cycle time for each. The Nova originally
used core memory though later on they gained dynamic RAM.
Like the PDP-8, the Data General Nova was also copied, not
just in one, but two implementations - the Data GeneralMN601 and Fairchild 9440. Luckily, the NOVA was a more
mature design than the PDP-8.