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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary
Objective CAML
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language (Originally "CAML" - Categorical Abstract Machine
Language) A version of ML by G. Huet, G. Cousineau, Ascander
Suarez, Pierre Weis, Michel Mauny and others of INRIA. CAML
is intermediate between LCF ML and SML [in what sense?].
It has first-class functions, static type inference with
polymorphic types, user-defined variant types and producttypes, and pattern matching. It is built on a proprietary
run-time system.
The CAML V3.1 implementation added lazy and mutable data
structures, a "grammar" mechanism for interfacing with the
high-performance arbitrary-precision arithmetic, and a
complete library.
in 1990 Xavier Leroy and Damien Doligez designed a new
implementation called CAML Light, freeing the previous
implementation from too many experimental high-level features,
and more importantly, from the old Le_Lisp back-end.