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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary (also found in English - Vietnamese, English - English (Wordnet), )
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1. A DSP language.
["OPAL: A High Level Language and Environment for DSP boards
on PC", J.P. Schwartz et al, Proc ICASSP-89, 1989].
2. The language of the object-oriented database GemStone.
["Making Smalltalk a Database System", G. Copeland et al, Proc
SIGMOD'84, ACM 1984, pp.316- 325].
3. A simulation language with provision for stochasticvariables. An extension of Autostat.
["C-E-I-R OPAL", D. Pilling, Internal Report,
C.E.I.R. Ltd. (1963)].
4. A language for compiler testing said to be used internally
by DEC.
5. A functional programming language designed at the
Technische Universitaet Berlin as a testbed for the
development of functional programs. OPAL integrates
concepts from Algebraic Specification and Functional
Programming, which favour the (formal) development of (large)
production-quality software written in a purely functional
The core of OPAL is a strongly typed, higher-order,
strict applicative language which belongs to the tradition
of Hope and ML. The algebraic flavour of OPAL is visible
in the syntactical appearance and in the preference of
OPAL supports: information hiding - each language unit is
divided into an interface (signature) and an implementation
part; selective import; parameterised modules; free
constructor views on sorts, which allow pattern-based
function definitions despite quite different implementations;
full overloading of names; puristic scheme language with no
built-in data types (except Booleans and denotations).