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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary (also found in English - Vietnamese, English - English (Wordnet), )
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1. A relational language designed by Jones and M. Sheeran in
1986 for describing and designing circuits (a hardwaredescription language). Ruby programs denote binaryrelations and programs are built-up inductively from
primitive relations using a pre-defined set of relationaloperators. Ruby programs also have a geometric
interpretation as networks of primitive relations connected by
wires, which is important when layout is considered in circuit
Ruby has been continually developed since 1986, and has been
used to design many different kinds of circuits, including
["Ruby - A Language of Relations and Higher-Order Functions",
M. Sheeran, Proc 3rd Banff Workshop on Hardware Verification,
Springer 1990].
2. One of five pedagogical languages based on Markovalgorithms, used in Higman's report (below). The other
languages are Brilliant, Diamond, Nonpareil, and
["Nonpareil, a Machine Level Machine Independent Language for
the Study of Semantics", B. Higman, ULICS Intl Report No ICSI
170, U London (1968)].
Similar in scope to Perl and Python, Ruby has high-level
a module system, exceptions, and a rich standard library.