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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary
data model
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database The product of the database design process which
aims to identify and organize the required data logically and
A data model says what information is to be contained in a
database, how the information will be used, and how the items
in the database will be related to each other.
For example, a data model might specify that a customer is
represented by a customer name and credit card number and a
product as a product code and price, and that there is a
one-to-many relation between a customer and a product.
It can be difficult to change a database layout once code has
been written and data inserted. A well thought-out data model
reduces the need for such changes. Data modelling enhances
application maintainability and future systems may re-use
parts of existing models, which should lower development
A data modelling language is a mathematical formalism with a
notation for describing data structures and a set of
operations used to manipulate and validate that data.