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/glob/, *not* /glohb/ To expand wild card characters in a
In Unix the file name wild cards are:
* = zero or more characters (E.g. UN*X)
? = any single character
[] any of the enclosed characters
indicate alternation of comma-separated alternatives, thus
foobaz,qux would expand to "foobaz" or "fooqux". This
syntax generates a list of all possible expansions, rather
than matching one.
These have become sufficiently pervasive that hackers use them
in written English, especially in electronic mail or
Usenet news on technical topics. E.g. "He said his name was
[KC]arl" (expresses ambiguity). "I don't read
talk.politics.*" (any of the talk.politics subgroups on
Usenet). Other examples are given under the entry for X.
Note that glob patterns are similar, but not identical, to
those used in regexps.