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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary
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jargon (By analogy with "hard-wired") Said of a data value
or behaviour written directly into a program, possibly in
multiple places, where it cannot be easily modified. There
are several alternatives, depending on how often the value is
likely to change. It may be replaced with a compile-time
constant, such as a C "#define" macro, in which case a
change will still require recompilation; or it may be read at
run time from a profile, resource (see de-rezz), or
environment variable that a user can easily modify; or it
may be read as part of the program's input data.
To change something hard-coded requires recompilation (if
using a compiled language of course) but, more seriously, it
requires sufficient understanding of the implementation to be
sure that the change will not introduce inconsistency and
cause the program to fail.