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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary
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A Unix utility by Andrew Cherenson for querying Internet
domain name servers. The basic use is to find the Internetaddress corresponding to a given hostname (or vice versa).
By changing the query type (e.g. "set type=CNAME") other types
of information can be obtained including CNAME - the
canonical name for an alias; HINFO - the host CPU and
operating system type; MINFO - mailbox or mail list
information; MX - mail exchanger information; NS - the
name server for the named zone; PTR - the hostname if the
query is an Internet address, otherwise the pointer to other
information; SOA the domain's start-of-authority information;
TXT - text information; UINFO - user information; WKS -
supported well-known services. Other types (ANY, AXFR, MB,
MD, MF, NULL) are described in RFC 1035.