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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary
SR flip-flop
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hardware (Or "RS flip-flop") A "set/reset" flip-flop in
which activating the "S" input will switch it to one stable
state and activating the "R" input will switch it to the other
The outputs of a basic SR flip-flop change whenever its R or S
inputs change appropriately. A clocked SR flip-flop has an
extra clock input which enables or disables the other two
inputs. When they are disabled the outputs remain constant.
If we connect two clocked SR flip-flops so that the Q and /Q
outputs of the first, "master" flip-flop drive the S and R
inputs of the second, "slave" flip-flop, and we drive the
slave's clock input with an inverted version of the master's
clock, then we have an edge-triggered RS flip-flop. The
external R and S inputs of this device are latched on one edge
(transition) of the clock (e.g. the falling edge) and the
outputs will only change on the next opposite (rising) edge.