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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary (also found in English - Vietnamese, English - English (Wordnet), )
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1. A person who knows how a complex piece of software or
hardware works (that is, who groks it); especially someone
who can find and fix bugs quickly in an emergency. Someone is
a hacker if he or she has general hacking ability, but is a
wizard with respect to something only if he or she has
specific detailed knowledge of that thing. A good hacker
could become a wizard for something given the time to study
2. A person who is permitted to do things forbidden to
ordinary people; one who has wheel privileges on a system.
3. A Unix expert, especially a Unix systems programmer. This
usage is well enough established that "Unix Wizard" is a
recognised job title at some corporations and to most
4. An interactive help utility that guides the user through a
potentially complex task, such as configuring a PPP driver
to work with a new modem. Wizards are often implemented as
a sequence of dialog boxes which the user can move forward
and backward through, filling in the details required. The
implication is that the expertise of a human wizard in one of
the above senses is encapsulated in the software wizard,
allowing the average user to perform expertly.