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Computing (FOLDOC) dictionary (also found in English - Vietnamese, English - English (Wordnet), French - Vietnamese)
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jargon 1. The archetypal really stupid application for an
embedded microprocessor controller; often used in comments
that imply that a scheme is inappropriate technology (but see
elevator controller). "DWIM for an assembler? That'd be
as silly as running Unix on your toaster!"
2. A very, very dumb computer. "You could run this program on
any dumb toaster."
3. A Macintosh, especially the Classic Mac. Some hold
that this is implied by sense 2.
4. A peripheral device. "I bought my box without toasters,
but since then I've added two boards and a second disk drive".
This is not usually to be taken literally but, to show off the
expansion capabilities of the Risc PC, Acorn ComputersLtd. built a seven-slice machine (which they called "the
rocket-ship") and installed every imaginable peripheral. In a
spare drive bay of the top slice they installed a toaster.
This machine was exhibited at various shows where it attracted
attention by occasionally ejecting a pizza.