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  • To encroach
    • được đằng chân lân đằng đầu
      give him an inch, he'll take a mile
  • To turn
    • cắt lân nhau trực nhật
      to be on duty by turns (in turn)
  • Phosphorus
  • Unicorn, kylin
  • Paper unicornhead (used in a traditional dance)
    • tổ chức múa lân cho trẻ em xem
      to stage a unicorn dance for an audience of children Today, the dragon dance is no longer considered an entertainment reserved for children. Originating from China, it has become part of Vietnamese culture. It is performed not only during Tết or the Mid-Autumn Festival, but also on special occasions such as ground-breaking or inauguration ceremonies. It can be performed on the day when recruits leave their native towns for military units, or on other occasions. If you think that anyone can perform a Dragon Dance, you are mistaken. As an art, Dragon Dance has its principles and rules. A dragon dance usually lasts from 20 to 25 minutes. It consists of five episodes: In the first episode, the dragon appears on the stage; in the second, it exits; in the third, it enters again and rolls over the ground, then it kneels before the audience, and finally bows to the donors. For each episode, there is a different way of beating the drum. Accompanied by the cymbals, the drum sounds like that of a military march. And an expert can distinguish all the five basic feelings of humans (joy, anger, love, hatred and fear) depicted by the beatings of the drum. The drummer not only must be versed in his art, but also knows how to assess the situation. For example, when he sees that the owner of the building hangs the prize on the balcony of his house, the drummer must use the one-three rhythm (cac, bum, bum bum) As the dragon hears the drum change its rhythm, it grows more excited. But when the drum beating is slow, the dragon knows that it is time to wait and relax.A team of dragon dancers consists of thirty persons, as they have to take turns to play the main part. They have different occupations, but when the need arises, they gather at once at the rallying place. In the past, this was an occasion for amusement, not for money.
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